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Anon relays feelings of frustration.


how does anyone in skyrim take my dragonborns seriously??

npc 1: who is that in the field?
npc 2: oh….that’s the dragonborn. she’s the hero of skyrim and tamriel.
npc 1: what is she doing?
npc 2: she’s uh…she’s eating bees.

I feel terrible and I can’t sleep



Okay guys this is kinda important. GQ just came in the mail and for the first time in a long while it had a really important article…

I just sat here for like the last half hour reading this and I’m incredibly appalled at our justice system in regards to the military. The article interviews about 23 men who have all been sexually assaulted in some branch of the military. The PTSD from sexual assault in the military is more prevalent than PTSD from combat…

If you have a chance I suggest reading this article…and the title is a quote that one of the victims Doctor told him…

Hey guys! I’m very impressed and extremely happy to see this post gaining a lot of speed over the last few days! A few people have requested it, so i’ve gone ahead and scanned the pages of the article for those who want to read it, to read. 

So, here it is!


How could Anna be so sweet?



Sami Kuosmanen

At first glance I thought this was a herd of wild doritos

omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???



This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

it’s like rock paper scissors: baby oil defeats condom, baby defeats baby oil, condom defeats baby


Reversed GIFs [imgur]



My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this